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UDA ConstructionSuite

UDA ConstructionSuite

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Already used by tens of thousands of construction professionals in 60 countries worldwide, including South Africa, UDA construction software delivers the new industry standard in contractor's management for small to medium construction firms. With fully integrated and completely upgraded Estimating, Scheduling, Contracts, Specifications, and Document Management.

Estimating and Job Costing

UDA Estimating

Reduce risk and increase profits with comprehensive, precise estimates that cover the entire scope of the project. Take advantage of classification-based line item markup, automated dimensions, advanced reporting, and integration with the UDA Items Database, RS Means Cost Data, ProgeCAD, ExtrAXION, QuickBooks, UDA Scheduling, and the rest of the ConstructionSuite™ system to build dynamic estimates that give you the power to track and manage construction costs.

UDA Change Order Management

Don't let undocumented change orders affect your bottom line. Track, manage, and communicate project changes effectively using UDA Change Order management. With dynamic features in UDA Estimating that enable you to create a change order, designate a status (Pending, Accepted, or Rejected), and launch reports for both vendors and customers, UDA Change Order Management is one of the most advanced tools available for managing project changes.

CAD/Takeoff Integration

Go from CAD documents to a comprehensive estimate in just a few clicks using advanced integration with CAD and Takeoff software. Create a Bill of Materials and easily import that information into UDA Estimating to create an estimate that includes item quantities and costs from your plan take-off.

Scheduling and Time Management

UDA Scheduling

Increase productivity by avoiding scheduling mishaps due to late or inaccurate information, double-handling of materials, waiting on resources, and dead time between tasks. Use UDA Scheduling to easily create comprehensive and dynamic schedules that deliver advanced Critical Path Tools, UDA Resource Allocation, Reminders, and numerous reports that are all designed to save you time and money. Plus, once you create and save a schedule, project subtasks will appear in the Integrated Calendar, making multi-project management a breeze.

UDA Construction Calendar

Integrated calendar tools merge your project and business activities into a dynamic calendar, giving you complete access to all your upcoming events. A much-anticipated addition to the ConstructionSuite™ system, the Integrated Calendar offers four dynamic views - Month, Week, Day, and List - with numerous options for customizing and printing each. With the Integrated Calendar and advanced reminders available for Activities and Project Subtasks, you and your team will always know what's next for your projects.

UDA Resource Allocation

Assign vendors, subs, equipment, and more in your ConstructionSuite™ Estimates and Schedules to avoid conflicts, send reminders, generate reports, and be warned of expiring certificates for your project resources.

MS Project Export

Create comprehensive schedules in UDA Scheduling that connect your project information to the ConstructionSuite™ database, then export a schedule to Microsoft Project to be viewed by subcontractors or others who do not have ConstructionSuite installed.

Accounting Tools

UDA QuickBooks Integration

Save time and avoid costly accounting errors with the most powerful QuickBooks Integration available for construction Professionals. Enjoy a customized and flexible chart of accounts, automatically create QuickBooks estimates, invoices, and purchase orders; import actual costs into your estimate; and record transactions in ConstructionSuite™.

UDA Application for Payment

Automatically create and track industry-standard payment applications. And, since Application for Payment is a part of the integrated ConstructionSuite™ system, information from your applications is stored in the database for each project. That way, ConstructionSuite is able to access previous application information and keep a running total of the payments for which you have applied.

UDA Cash Flow Reporting

Forecast your company's finances with the Cash Flow Report. Based on expected completion dates, the Cash Flow Report shows predicted inflow of cash, so you can secure loans more easily, create strong working relationships with lenders, schedule draws, pay bills, and better manage your company's finances.

Company Management

UDA ConstructionNet™ CRM

ConstructionNet delivers breakthrough CRM technology with unbeatable project management power. The first CRM application developed solely for the construction industry, ConstructionNet enables you to leverage Contact and Project Information, Certificate and Lead Tracking, Project and Contact Associations, Activities and To Dos, and advanced Calendar functions to turn complex information into a sleek and streamlined system.

UDA Aggregate Reporting

Manage your company on the macro-level with Aggregate Reporting, a dynamic new feature that compiles and organizes all of your company's information. Multi-project capabilities bring together information across the ConstructionSuite database and enable you to sort information by a variety of options to view total number of projects, start and end dates, total estimated cost, total actual cost, and an array of information for each project.

UDA Workflow Management

Organizing your project flow has never been easier. Take advantage of new Workflow Management tools and keep your projects progressing smoothly each time, every time. Workflows provide an outline of the steps you need to complete for each project, from the planning and pre-construction phase all the way through closing. Active items in the Workflow list can automatically open a template, file, program, or web site, making it easy for you and your team to create and reuse successful processes for all your projects.

UDA Lead Management

Secure more sales and raise your profits by organizing and managing your company's Leads. With UDA Lead Management, you can rate the viability of each lead, track referral sources, mark expected dates, and document all correspondence.


UDA Specifications

Build client confidence and win more bids by including detailed specifications in your proposal package. Use the UDA Specifications Wizard to preview, edit, and select from over 300 specifications, then create a wizard template from your selections to save your customizations for future use.

UDA Document Management

With UDA Document Management, rethinking and retyping the same information is no longer necessary, so you save time and increase accuracy. Use the Document Management Wizard to import contact information for any vendor, supplier, subcontractor, lender, or client, and quickly connect all documents to the ConstructionSuite™ database. Then, put a professional polish on your documents with easy-to-use features such as styles, letterheads, watermarks, and more.

UDA Property Development Content

Managing large developments is tough enough, so you need to ensure that you have the right tools in place before you tackle a big project. Comprehensive documentation such as covenants, standards, and specifications keep your projects on target, while advanced estimates and schedules link into the dynamic Aggregate Reporting system.

Network, Sync, and Backup

UDA Advanced Networking Capabilities

Maximize your employees' productivity by giving them access to the shared resources you know they need. With advanced networking, UDA ConstructionSuite™ makes it easy to share all of your company's data, including contacts, projects, files, and more with every member on your team. New automated check in/check out process makes it easy for multiple people to work from the same database while avoiding costly and time-consuming mistakes.

UDA ProjectSync

You need your data at the office and on the go, and you need it to be updated and correct. Although the primary means of sharing information when you purchase additional licenses is to have multiple users log in to a single database, UDA ProjectSync has you covered when it's necessary to work outside the office network on a laptop or tablet PC. With UDA ProjectSync, you can choose which projects to synchronize and what computers to include and synchronize on demand for instant information sharing or schedule regular synchronizations to ensure that each computer always has the latest information.

UDA ProjectBackup

Guard your company against massive data and profit loss with a regular back up to removable media or another computer on the network. With UDA ProjectBackup, you can effortlessly back up your entire ConstructionSuite database, including project information, files, contacts, and items. And, by scheduling automatic backups, you can ensure that your data is always protected and make it easy to recover from data loss with simple import and restore options.

UDA Mobile Integration

Mobile Integration is back - bigger and better than before in the new UDA ConstructionSuite. While you can still create optimized read-only copies of your project management files to take with you on your PDA or pocket PC, the new UDA Mobile Integration now enables you to synchronize the UDA Construction Calendar with Microsoft Outlook, so you can view project schedules in the field and manage Activities in Outlook before synchronizing back to UDA ConstructionSuite.

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