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STRAD is a unique tool for Structural Analysis and Design of 3D Concrete Frames. It has a friendly 3D CAD environment embedding 4MCAD, a powerful finite element analysis engine performing both static and modal (eigenvalue) analysis and a reliable design module for concrete members, highly customizable to accept parameters of any seismic code.

STRAD software is a complete and reliable design tool for reinforced concrete structures. It combines the scientific completeness, proved by a volume of papers, in Hellenic and international sessions, the speed derived from advanced computational and programming techniques, the easy of use with many automations that help to quickly input the design study data and the auto-solving by pressing of a button. The program is addressed to engineers demanding correct simulations and solutions by providing them with all-powerful tools, as well to those working on usual projects and wishing to quickly and safely reach to the final drawings production.

One of the top features of STRAD is the possibility to select the most convenient CAD platform that best serves users' demands. The program allows for importing a finished plan drawing created by any architectural design tool, in the form of *.DWG or *.DXF files, and of course, from the IDEA architectural program of 4M. The model processing is executed graphically by using AutoCAD commands, whilst the structure can be represented in 3D with shadows and photo-realism.

STRAD's philosophy is the free access of the user to the majority of analysis and design parameters. The engineer may follow the auto program flow for simple structures analysis, whilst, for complex ones, may interfere in all stages. The program provides for all required checking and documentation of the solutions. The results (stresses, deflections, reinforcements, moment envelops ea.) are graphically displayed and printed to file or printer for all building elements.

Also, the program automatically modifies all geometry data and results (reinforcing bars and their positions) to a finished drawing in AutoCAD form. The possibility to create preliminary studies, final ones and application drawings (plans, sections, column details, beam reinforcement schedule) also exists.

The computational core of STRAD expands with the finite element analysis program (FEA), which automatically discriminates the plane parts of the structure into plane finite elements and solves them (perimeter underground walls, building cores, slabs). This way, the structural engineer can achieve a high standard solution of complex structures. The finite elements net can be easily modified in the AutoCAD environment to describe voids in structure. Also, the possibility for designing of load-bearing masonry, according to Eurocode 6, that has been described and solved by STRAD, exists.

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