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Fine HVAC can generate the complete case study output of any HVAC project, directly through the drawings in DWG. The program output, which is in fact the result of the intelligent, synergistic co-operation between its two Components, "CAD" and "Calculations", includes the respective calculation sheets, technical reports, bill of materials, plus the full set of the final drawings ready to be submitted.

Intelligent Building Design: The CAD Component of FineHVAC embeds 4MCAD engine, providing full autonomy to its user.

It recommends and draws projects through automated commands, the most important of which are listed below:

Automatic Receptor Installation: FineHVAC automatically locates on the view plan the respective installation components (i.e. heating units, fan coil units, air-duct grills etc), through several expert rules that consider among others, the user's preferences (e.g. radiator preference order, window height control, limit for additional radiator etc).

Automatic Pipe Drawing commands (autorouting): The commands "Double Pipe" (e.g. induction – return) "Parallel to Wall" or "Parallel to Points" etc accelerate significantly the installation drawing while all connections are automatically created through the "magic" autorouting commands (e.g. 2-3 movements are enough to connect a group of grills to the vertical airduct column).

Automatic Calculations directly from Drawings

Through the subsystem AutoBLD the spaces are identified so that Thermal Losses, Cooling Loads and Heat Insulation are automatically calculated. This is possible even if the ground plan comes from another architectural package (DWG or DXF file) or a scanner (bitmap file), thanks to the "smart" identification commands.

Through the subsystem AutoNET the E/M installations (pipes, cables etc) are identified and each network is transferred with its number in the calculation sheets, where it is immediately calculated providing the complete calculation issue.

Automatic Production of all the Project Drawings

Vertical Diagrams: They are created from the ground plan fully automatically and in detail. Moreover, the user is enabled to select engine-room, legends, labels etc.

Detailed Drawings: They are created from the required drawings, as for example the automatic conversion of the Air-duct network from linear into two-dimensional (with the dimensions resulted in calculations). Symbols and Designations (e.g. Single-Pipe System arrows, junction points – pipe connection circles, column direction arrows, up-down legends, comments etc) are also automatically inserted, perfecting the project drawings.

The Calculations Component of FINE (called also as ADAPT/FCALC) incorporates the more reliable calculating environment and the more solid scientific background. The package is granted highly among Electrical-Mechanical Engineers since it comprises the more reliable and guaranteed solution in Electrical-Mechanical Applications and the more valid program in Urban Planning. The recent version incorporates many innovations that verify its leading part.

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