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ExtrAXION is a new quantity on-screen takeoff/measuring software with great ability to organize the quantity surveying and estimating procedure through several alternative methods of measurement. ExtrAXION supports a large number of file types and offers the ability of fast, accurate measurements of items, lengths, areas and volumes from both images (PDF, BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF etc.) and vector (DWG, DXF, DGN, EMF etc.) plans. The cost estimation process is completed by automatic transfer of the measurements at the project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The results of the measurements can also be exported for further calculation.


  • The results of the measurements are automatically connected with the budget of the project. The supervision of the quantities is direct and easy not only for the whole project but for each plan as well.
  • Minimization of the time needed for measurement completion, using an array of tools that significantly accelerate the procedure, such as selective copying of measurements from one drawing to another, measurement reproduction, library with parameters, creation of new, user-defined measurement types, etc.
  • Great accuracy, using the integrated zoom tools, magnifier, object snaps, etc.
  • Each measurement is entered in a separate layer, eliminating possible errors due to measuring the same element more than once or forgetting to take an element into account.
  • All surveying and estimating data of the project, such as drawing files, measurements, photocopies of plans etc., are replaced by one "electronic" file which is easy to use and readily accessible.
  • Cuts costs by saving paper, ink and printing.
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